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Mohammad Moghaddam was killed by police.

Neighbors and family members described the man behind Tuesday’s hostage situation at an Amarillo Walmart as a longtime resident, part of a quiet family who didn’t come across as violent. Amarillo police said Mohammad Moghaddam, 54, fired shots and held

Syrian rebels destroy Russian helicopter

The helicopter was sent to rescue mission to retrieve pilots. The helicopter was sent to rescue mission to retrieve pilots  Source

یک ایرانی‌ مسئول گلها در کاخ سفید شد Iranian Immigrant Is Named White House Florist

Hedieh Ghaffarian هدیه غفاریان, an Iranian-born immigrant who was raised in California and built a successful floral design business, will become the next chief White House florist, the office of the first lady, Michelle Obama, announced on Thursday. Ms. Ghaffarian,

Charlie Hebdo shooting: At least 12 killed as shots fired at satirical magazine offices

Buffalo Bills founder, Hall of Fame member Ralph Wilson dies

Ralph C. Wilson Jr. — the founder and longtime beloved owner of the NFL’s Buffalo Bills — has died at age 95, his team announced Tuesday. In addition to bringing and keeping the Bills in western New York, Wilson was

Stolen passports ‘no terror link’

پلیس مالزی گفته یک مسافر ایرانی دارای گذرنامه جعلی که با هواپیمای ناپدید شده شرکت هواپیمایی مالزی سفر می‌کرد با سازمان‌های تروریستی ارتباط نداشته است. در تهران، سخنگوی وزارت خارجه ایران گفته موضوع دو مسافر ایرانی پیگیری می‌شود. Two men

IDF intercepts major Iranian missile shipment to Gaza

IDF special forces on Wednesday intercepted a ship in the Red Sea carrying an Iranian arms shipment headed for the Gaza Strip, Israel’s military said. Israeli naval commandos from the elite Shayetet 13 unit boarded and took control of the

Egypt’s Morsi ‘leaked secrets to Iran Revolutionary Guards’

Egyptian prosecutors have accused ousted President Mohammed Morsi of leaking state secrets to Iran’s Revolutionary Guards. The claim came during the second hearing of his trial on espionage charges.

یاسمین فهیمی، زن ایرانی تباری که دبیرکل حزب سوسیال دموکرات آلمان شد

روزنامه‌های آلمان این روزها از یک انتخاب غافلگیرانه در کهن‌ترین حزب بزرگ سیاسی این کشور گزارش می دهند. در میان شماری از زنان و مردان با پیشینه مبارزات حزبی و چهره های آشنا در سیاست که نامزد احراز مقام دبیر

Iran-American Mozaffar Khazaee indicted for F-35 document theft

An F-35 Lightning II, also known as the Joint Strike Fighter, flies over California in May 2010 The in-development F-35 Joint Strike Fighter programme is believed to have cost $400bn An Iranian-American engineer accused of attempting to ship stolen documentation