Technology Challenged

The Technology Challenged have a hard time picturing their lives without technology, but they struggle sometimes with keeping up with how quickly it changes. Technology helps them stay in touch and get things done. But the pace of changes forces them to look to others for help to keep them to date.

The other technology styles are…

TECHNO ELITES believe in better living through technology. They enjoy staying on top of new developments and are early adopters. Opinion leaders among their friends, they could not imagine life without the latest in technology.

PRAGMATIC USERS believe that while technology is a useful tool, it’s just a tool. They follow technological developments with interest but don’t always rush to buy the latest and greatest. They do use electronics for all sorts of tasks, but can still imagine life without them.

THE TECHNO CAUTIOUS tend to try new technologies once everyone is using them. And they tend to feel they could easily live without technology. They tend to use their computers for select tasks and are unlikely to be dying to get their hands on the latest cool electronic gadget.

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