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What potent shit were you people smoking?

Recently Fesenjoon2 in one of his/her posts at IC is talking about IRAN a country of fools, he is asking “ What potent shit were you people smoking? “ I thought it deserves more than a just a few words

Baha’is, Moslems, and the Human Society.

One of the tenants of Baha’i faith and belief system is “Serving Humanity”, an honorable idea. Can you serve HUMANITY and NOT be a SERVANT and slave to a for an undefinable, unknown, untouchable, uncommincable, entity that you CANNOT SHOW

Dear God, Go Home: Take a long vacation and leave us alone

This open letter to god is originally published at Iranian.com website on May 11, 2012 http://www.iranian.com/main/2012/may/dear-god-go-home An open letter to god: Hi, I have had this yeuk for many years, to directly write to you and if you don’t mind

Islam, Sharia law, secularism, and women’s rights

چرا اسلامیون اثنا عشری با گاو پرستان هندی, بودأی ها، شینتو ها، و سایر کافران و بی ‌خدایان سر شاخ نمیشوند , ولی‌ چسبیده ا‌ند به بهأیان و بهأیت که خدا را قبول دارند؟

Mandaeism, Druzism, Yazdânism, Rastafari and Samaritanism, Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism and Sikhism. African traditional Religions, Asian Shamanism, Native American Religions, Austronesian and Australian Aboriginal traditions, Chinese Folk Religion, Iranian religions including Zoroastrianism, Yazdanism, Ahl-e Haqq and historical traditions of Gnosticism (Mandaeism,

Are you afraid to talk about them? Why? Are these concepts confusing you? Could you do without them? Have they been used to control you and your freedom?

1. God    2. The Satan/ the Devil    3. Sin    4. Heaven    5. Hell     6. Prophets     7. Religion 8. Black Hole    9. Islam   10. Faith    11. Morality    12. Evil You can add to the list and share your thoughts.

دین علم ، معرفت و دانش. عقرب آلت تناسلی‌ معاویه را گزید حاصلش شد یزید

آخرین دین، دینی که همه دین ها را کامل کرد. دینی که علم و معرفت انسانی را به آسمان هفتم رساند. دینی که سکس و شهوت و آلت تناسلی زن و مرد یکی‌ از ستون های اصلی‌ آن است. چند

Bertrand Russell on God 1959

  “well there cant be a practical reason for believing what isn’t true” Seems to me a fundamental dishonesty and fundamental treachery to intellectual integrity to hold a belief because you think its useful and not because you think its

Opinion: Iran’s oldest religion at risk

How Iran persecutes its oldest religion Zoroastrian worshipers pray near the central Iranian city of Yazd in 2004. STORY HIGHLIGHTS Zoroastrians are not insulated from Iran’s tribulations, Jamsheed K. Choksy says Followers of this ancient faith are disparaged as “sinful

یک سنت پلید: تن‌فروشی به نام دین

 در گذشته در هند خانواده‌ها به خاطر اعتقادات دینی دختران خود را به روسپی‌گری وا می‌داشتند. امروزه به خاطر رواج فقر و محرومیت، این سنت دیرین به اشکال دیگری در هند ادامه دارد و زمینه‌ای برای فعالیت بنیادهای خیریه است.