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Officials: Iranians sought U.S. targets in Kenya

In this Wednesday, June 27, 2012, file photo, a Kenyan policewoman accompanies Iranian nationals Sayed Mansour Mousavi, center, and Ahmad Abolfathi Mohammad, right, in the Nairobi magistrates court in Nairobi, Kenya. (AP Photo) (AP) NAIROBI, Kenya – Two Iranians who led

Iranians Flash Mob Against APPLE’s Discriminatory – Fifth Ave

Iranians in Buffalo, Fat Mama Bear, and Eid Nowrouz.

New Year festivities are over, I noticed there were a few. A general celebration, one sponsored by Baha’i community, a few small, private, and purely Islamic—NO dancing, NO music! Well anyway. For next year I propose a Jewish Iranian Eid

Leave Einstein alone! And check you facts.

I was reading a post here by ADMIN a few days ago, http://www.1001harf.com/archives/4383, although in the title it said “Not True”, I kept on reading. I told myself what kind of nonsense this is again. I had the yeuk to

Who is going to wet his pants first?

Iran offers rare praise for ‘the Great Satan’ Iranian leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei directed rare praise at the United States, welcoming a speech by President Obama that aimed to cool war rhetoric surrounding Iran’s nuclear program. Iran’s supreme religious leader

Iranians in Buffalo and Eid

Recently there was an article in Iranian.com about “Iranians in Buffalo”, it is a very interesting and basically is saying what you hear from many Iranians here, but IN PRIVATE!  Most of them have someone in their mind like the

Iranians, In Buffalo, New York. In Iran, and Everywhere Else. ایرانی‌ ها در بافالو و همه جا .

چند وقت پیش نامه ای از یک دوست قدیمی‌ داشتم ، نامه ای صمیمی‌ و تفکر بر انگیز . نوشته  بود که مدتی است از دور متوجه کارهای من است ، یکی‌ دو تا نوشته درفضای مجازی، در اینجا و

Iranians in Florida

If you want to be Persian and Not Iranian, This is Persian Buffalo!!

Amazing Things Iranian Buffalo Can Do. Watch “cryzi persian in buffalo” But only if they could use their “Spell Checker” !!!

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