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Iranians Buffalo New York (NY) Persian cultural festival at Buffalo Academy for Visual and Performing Arts 450 Masten Avenue, Buffalo, NY 14209 and Family Justice center of Erie county

Iranians Buffalo NY New York persian cultural festival  at Buffalo Academy for Visual and Performing Arts 450 Masten Avenue, Buffalo, NY 14209 and family justice center of erie county

ایرانیان در بافالو، این داستان ادامه دارد. مولانای عزیز، تو هم آسوده به خواب که ما هنوز بیداریم

امروز روز مولانا شناسی، مولانا دوستی، و تبار شناسی‌ مولانا و شعر او همراه با رقص درویشان، صوفی گری، عشق و عرفان و حال وتذکیه نفس بوده است. البته نه یک روز رسمی، بلکه روزی که مولانا شناسان و مولانا

Iranians in Buffalo, Fat Mama Bear, and Eid Nowrouz.

New Year festivities are over, I noticed there were a few. A general celebration, one sponsored by Baha’i community, a few small, private, and purely Islamic—NO dancing, NO music! Well anyway. For next year I propose a Jewish Iranian Eid

Iranians in Buffalo and Eid

Recently there was an article in Iranian.com about “Iranians in Buffalo”, it is a very interesting and basically is saying what you hear from many Iranians here, but IN PRIVATE!  Most of them have someone in their mind like the

جامعه ی بهائیان بافالو از همه ی هموطنان محترم و دوستان نازنین دعوت میکند The Baha’i community

The Baha’i community of Buffalo is happy to announce the Now-Ruz party that will be held on Tuesday evening March 20th 2012 at Salvatore’s Italian Gardens. Starting at 6:30pm there will be prayers and a program, in both English and

Iranians, In Buffalo, New York. In Iran, and Everywhere Else. ایرانی‌ ها در بافالو و همه جا .

چند وقت پیش نامه ای از یک دوست قدیمی‌ داشتم ، نامه ای صمیمی‌ و تفکر بر انگیز . نوشته  بود که مدتی است از دور متوجه کارهای من است ، یکی‌ دو تا نوشته درفضای مجازی، در اینجا و

Baidu Chinese Search Engine and University of New York at Buffalo connection

Robin Li, Co-Founder, CEO Robin Li is the co-founder, chairman and chief executive officer of Baidu, Inc., and oversees the company’s overall strategy and business operations. In the nine years since founding Baidu in January 2000, Robin has turned the