Leave Einstein alone! And check you facts.

I was reading a post here by ADMIN a few days ago, http://www.1001harf.com/W3/archives/4383, although in the title it said “Not True”, I kept on reading. I told myself what kind of nonsense this is again. I had the yeuk to say a few things and tell it as it is until I got to the end and notice this nonsense is checked by ADMIN for accuracy and according to snope.com it is false, inaccurate and made up by some idiot, the effort by ADMIN is appreciated to point out the inaccuracy of the story.  However, I am still going to speak my mind anyway!

I received an email from a friend that a fatuous bumpkin recently has posted this nonsense at a local Iranian group. It reminded me of another ridiculous story about Einstein and Dr. Sahabi (?) on the Iranian New Year—Nowrouz somewhere in Princeton New Jersey.  According to this ludicrous story, Einstein brings his violin to the house where Haft-Seen was spread and plays for the invitees to entertain them. He is fascinated by this “Persian” cultural and numinous ritual! What a nonsense?!  This story was also posted at the Iranian community group; I believe a fact-check later showed to be false.

No one has said anything ever to the ignorant and careless poster, you don’t HAVE TO INSULT, or be IMPOLITE and the rest, all you need to do have the courage to step forward and make the wrong right. Are Iranians who have any self-respect and always cry that they ARE doing the right thing so much afraid of each other? Is co-dependency killing you all? Do you have to fake it so much? There are highly educated, learned, university professors, doctors, Ph.Ds.’ PEs, and the rest among the Iranian community, what is the silence for? By approbation aren’t you sharing the ignorance, do you know the price of being politically correct? Unfortunately some are willing to pay that regardless of what it is.