A man was trapped on a deserted island that was sinking into the sea. As the water lapped around his feet, a motor boat suddenly approached the island. “Come on man, get in” said the boatman. “No”, said the guy on the island, “I have faith in Jesus. He will save me.”
The boat went off and the water continued to rise. When it was up to the guy’s chest, another boat appeared. “Get in the boat, or you’re going to drown” said the boatman. Again, the guy said “No, I have faith in Jesus. He will save me.”
Finally the water was up to the guy’s chin when a third boat appeared. “Get in, this is your last chance.” “No, Jesus will save me.”
So the boat went off, the water continued to rise and the guy drowned. He went up to heaven and was greeted by Jesus.
“Hey, Jesus,” he said, “I trusted in you all my life and you let me drown. I don’t believe it.”
“YOU don’t believe it?!??!” Jesus said. “I sent three boats to save you.”