Iranian Air Force

Well read story of how Iran’s Air Forces managed to destroy one of the most far reached, secret Iraqi air bases (6000 km mission)

Operation H-3 by Iran’s Air Forces still remains one of the world’s best areal missions ever accomplished:

During 8 years imposed war on Iran, Saddam had learned that Iraqi air bases were so vulnerable to the counter attacks of Iran Air Forces. So, Iraqi officials decided to move almost all their fighter jest to the very western part of Iraq, to Al Walid air base close to the Iraqi-Jordanian borders– some 3000 km away from Iran!

Iranian commanders, among them later martyr General Fakoori, planed the destruction of this base. Iranian fighter jets had to fly in very low altitude in order to evade Iraqi radar systems and anti-aircraft SAM missiles. The risk of the mission had estimated 70%!

IRAF fighter jets passed through Iraq borders with Turkey then refueled close to Iraqi-Syrian border–the Iranian refueling plane had earlier departed from Cyprus, and in Turkey’s sky announced it’d lost the rout and is finding the way pack(cover story)–refueled fighter jets continued their mission through Syrian-Iraqi border and finally attacked Al Walid air based in the most far reached western part of Iraq.

After the bombardment of the air base, Iranian planes had to return the same rout to Iran which was so dangerous as Iraqi air defense systems had been awakened after the attack. But they couldn’t believe this attack was the work of Iran. They had thought Israel had attacked them. So Iranian jets came back to Iraqi-Turkish border then refueled again. But near Iran border one of the planes was hit by Iraqi anti-aircraft systems and could not continue the flight. So it landed in one of the high ways of East Azerbaijan province in Iran!!

Iraqi loses:

#3 Antonov 12
#1 Topolev 16 bombardier
#5 Sokho 17
#4 Mig-21
#8 Mig 23
#2 Dasao Mirage F-1
#4 helicopters

2 Iraqi pilots
14 other Iraqi staff
1 Egyptian
1 East Germany officer

Iran loses:


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