Iran condemns ‘heavy sentences’ on Bahrain protesters

Iran condemns ‘heavy sentences’ on Bahrain protesters.

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One Response to Iran condemns ‘heavy sentences’ on Bahrain protesters

  1. Zorumbaa says:

    Mr. Salehi, Goebbles, and Zendeh-Baad Felestin!

    Right on Salehi ! Tell it as it is, the brutality and Gestapo like respond to the innocent protestors in Arab countries by their oppressive dictators who have confiscated the power and ability of people to manage and run their own lives!

    The compassionate and non-violent black-hooded thugs and Basijis, and their bosses NEVER do such things in IRR; the whole world should learn more, so follow your mentor Joseph Goebbels and bark louder, you are doing just fine.

    Read chapter VI and XI of your role model’s book, Mein Kampf, if you have not already read it. He had a Ministry of Public Enlightenment and you have ERSHAAD. He had Fuhrerinzio, and you have the Principle of Velayat Faghih. He created Holocaust, and you are totally denying it to cover his read end—NO, he didn’t do it, Jews killed themselves and made up the whole thing!

    Zendeh Baad Andorra, Benin, Djibouti, and of course ZENDEH BAAD FELESTIN. Marg Bar Barbados, Mali, Finland, and Cameron. Naa-Bood Baad all other countries!

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