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زن Woman

هنگاميكه روح در تو دميده ميشود ، در شكم يك زن هستي….. When your spirit is blown, you’re in the belly of a “Woman” هنگاميكه گريه مي كني در آغوش يك زن هستي…… crying you are in the arms of

Patrick Stewart speaks about Violence v.s. Women

Patrick Stewart, 73, is deeply involved in work that helps women who are victims of violence. At the recent Texas Comicpalooza, in reply to a question, he talked about how his father’s violence towards his mother inspired him. He also

Syrian refugees ‘sold for marriage’ in Jordan

Before the war began, Kazal was in love with her neighbour in Homs. “He was 20 years old and I dreamed of marrying him one day,” she says. “I never thought I would marry someone I didn’t love, but my

A women is raped every 20 minutes in India

In case of neighbouring Pakistan, which has 1/8th the population of India, but is the 6th largest nation in the world, is often regarded as a country with the lowest rape cases in the world.


مقایسه جایگاه زن در فرهنگ ایران باستان با جایگاه زن در مکاتب ابراهیمی یهودیت، مسیحیت و اسلام

امروز چی‌ بپوشم


ROB-ایرانی ها در بافالو- ادامه داستان. فاطمه زهرا ، آن تکتوال های محلی و راب

ROB, recently commented on a similar subject,, I have the following comments regarding Fatomeh Zahra ,,  as it very well applies to ROB’s comments.  ROB following the footsteps of the local self-proclaimed Islamist-feminist, author, professor  et al,  belongs

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