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Most Iconic and Powerful Photographs (HD)

مشت و مال یا همان ماساژ !!! به سبک ایرانی !!!Massage in Persian way

Shiraz, Iran pictures of the year

January 24 2013: A 29-year-old man, convicted of being part of a gang that carried out burglaries, has three fingers amputated in a public square in Shiraz, Iran. The man’s sentence also included three years in prison and confiscation of his

Satar Khan

With Iran, deterrence won’t work

Prof. Kenneth Waltz recently made this dangerously naive argument: “If Iran goes nuclear, Israel and Iran will deter each other, as nuclear powers always have . . . leading to a Middle East that is more stable than it is today.”

US unleashed Stuxnet cyber war on Iran to appease Israel – report

The US and Israel made the Stuxnet virus as a new kind of weapon targeted against Iran, a media investigation revealed. The operation reportedly started in the Bush era, but was intensified by Obama administration. The top-secret massive sabotage targeting

Cave discovered in Vietnam

This is a PowerPoint Presentation [wpdm_file id=3] Special Thanks to Farhang

Baby and Kitty

Rahbar’s Babes. دختران رهبر

A new Moslem Practicing Khastegaary!

Do you WANT me Zaeifeh, or not?