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1912 New York Press and The Modern Man from Persia

From by faryarm 16-Apr-2012 The Huffington Post carried the story with a peculiar Title, “The Titanic’s Forgotten “Survivor” then featured by AOL on its front page as one of its top ten stories. It opened with: “As we’ve been reminded innumerable times

The Titanic’s Forgotten “Survivor”

Article by Rainn Wilson, of “The Office” in HuffingtonPost As we’ve been reminded innumerable times over the past few weeks, one hundred years ago the “unsinkable” Titanic sank into the North Atlantic, taking with her more than 1,500 lives. The

«ویدئو/پیام تبریک نوروزی نخست‌وزیر کانادا»

معرفی یک ایرانی به عنوان دستیار وزیرخزانه داری آمریکا

جامعه ی بهائیان بافالو از همه ی هموطنان محترم و دوستان نازنین دعوت میکند The Baha’i community

The Baha’i community of Buffalo is happy to announce the Now-Ruz party that will be held on Tuesday evening March 20th 2012 at Salvatore’s Italian Gardens. Starting at 6:30pm there will be prayers and a program, in both English and

Nowruz At the Tonawanda Castle

Enclosed is attachment for nowruz party on 3/24/12. Can you please forward this invitation to all your friends and list it in your 1001 Harf   web site. Thank you Mostafa

Cardboard Khomeini

  Iran’s “Cardboard Khomeini” is fueling a firestorm of criticism in the Middle Eastern country after cutouts of the Islamic republic’s founder appeared at a number of events, and photos mocking the mock-up went viral. The controversy stems from a bizarre