20 B$ Mark Z @ FB, Creativity and Innovation. What killed yours?! Long live CUT and PASTE!

by Zorumbaa  Originally published at Iranian.com

Zuckerberg got married today, Islamic Retards still live in 7th century, and what have YOU ACCOMPLISHED in the past 1400 years?

Just guess what may happen to individual or collective creativity when Islamic Sharia principles and doctrine is the dominating ideology in class rooms, K1 to post grad? When teaching of “Humanities” is just the matter of content transformation—a Mulaa-teacher to student, and the laws of physics and science must meet the “Higher” standards! —then a fanatical backward ideology perfectly is infused into impressionable minds. The goal is not education; the clear objective is creating BANDEH, Abd-ol-Laah, subordination, and brain washing.

Is there a connection between this zealous ideology and creativity of people who is subjected to? Where are Mark Zukerman, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Edison, Alexander Bell, Robert Adler, Karl Benz and Henry Ford, Laszlo Biro (inventor of ballpoint pen!), Brin and Page, Michael Faraday, Enrico Fermi, et.al. of the Islamic world?

Every one of these individual inventor, thinkers, innovators and creators have had their own significant mark on the past and present human condition. It is not that easy to find a creative genius of this caliber from Islamic world. Does it have anything to do with logical impossibility of thinking in that religious culture?

Do you want another 1400 years to show the world that you are really impotent? Backward simpletons who have nothing to work with except the eerie blind faith that a 6 or 7 years old boy, lost more than 1400 years ago, someday will come out of a deep abyss, a black hole size well, and will solve all of your earthly and non-earthly problems—including how the hell to feed your starving children, but how to pay for the petro in your Paykan.

In the meantime, what else can you do except steal and copy someone else’s technology, inventions and innovations? Copy and paste, and blame the universe for your own retardation? You are more than 1400 YEARS OLD, Great Satan is just over 200 years old, and the nasty Zionist baby Satan is only over 60 years old. Big bro, you are more than 1400 years old! It is about the time that you stop whining put your freaking money where your mouth is!! People are slowly, but painfully, learning what walks and what only talks!!